Simon van Rij


Simon van Rij

FRACS, MBChB, BSc, PG Dip Sports Medicine

Simon is a NZ trained urologist and robotic surgeon with a passion for men's health and for ensuring that NZ men receive the world's best level of care.

After completing his training he headed to Melbourne for a fellowship in robotic surgery and complex uro-oncology.

Using these skills he worked at Guy's Hospital in London as a Robotic specialist surgeon in the largest prostate/kidney center in the UK.

Simon was integral in the prostate cancer diagnostic program using MRI fusion technology. During this time he was asked to teach and present to other urologists throughout the world about these techniques.

Simon was also employed for his expertise in laser HOLEP surgery for men with difficulty passing urine.

Simon has extensive experience in Laparoscopic surgery and kidney stone treatments and surgery and treats all other urological conditions including vasectomy and circumcision.

Conditions treated include:

  • All urological cancers: kidney, bladder, prostate, testicular
  • Urinary flow problems and related symptoms including catheter issues and blood in the urine (haematuria)
  • Kidney stones,  Scrotal abnormalities: hydroceles, varioceles, epidymal cysts

Operations performed include:

  • Robotic prostatectomy.  Robotic partial nephrectomy
  • Transperineal prostate biopsy, MRI guided prostate biopsy.   
  • HOLEP - laser TURP
  • Laparoscopic nephrectomy, Bladder tumour removal
  • Ureteroscopy, laser, shockwave treatment (ESWL)
  • TURP, urodynamics, laser, cystoscopy, stent insertion

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For an appointment with Simon, please call his secretary on (09) 623 0161 ext 215, or email or for general enquires email





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