Services available during Covid-19 Alert Level 4

  • We are still open during COVID-19 Alert Level 4 and available for your health care.
  • Most of our appointments will be conducting using telehealth or phone.
  • We have a doctor and nursing team available everyday for urgent appointments and procedures if required.
  • On site we are following strict infection control and using personal protective equipment to ensure your safety. 
  • We are still accepting new patients.

For exisiting appointments you will be offered the option of phone/telehealth, or if you would rather reschedule for an in person appointment after alert level 4 this can be arranged.

For your safety during alert level 4, if coming onsite, please wear a mask, wash hands regularly, and do not bring any visitors to your appointment.  You may also be asked to wait in your car until required.

How to contact us:

If you want its confirm or change your  upcoming appointment or surgery the easiest way to be updated is to email, or message your surgeon's Secretary directly if you have their email address, we will reply within one business day. 

Our nurses are still available for existing patient's medical enquires, or if you are concerned there has been a deterioration in your condition.


If you want to know more about surgery during alert level 4 read below:

  • last updated 31st august - we will regularly update:

For those patients who have been scheduled for a procedure or operation by one of our surgeons during current level 4: 

Unfortunately Alert level 4 has disrupted our access to private hospitals which are currently not allowing any patients on site. This will likely affect your surgery date.

We acknowledge the uncertainty that all of this has created for you and want to ensure that we keep you updated as soon as we receive further information

If you have received a text message from us this is confirmation that you are currently scheduled for surgery by one of our surgeons and will continue to receive updates from us.

The Private hospitals are currently developing guidelines and protocols to allow surgery to be performed safely in alert level 4.  They will potentially reopen during alert level 4 only for those operations that are categorised as being extremely time sensitive.  Surgery to diagnose potential cancer or treat cancer falls into this category of time sensitive surgery.  This criteria has not been developed by us but rather externally by a national committee.

If your condition does not fit these categories for your safety we will reschedule your procedure once the alert level drops to allow this.

You will receive information for planning your operation  as soon as it becomes available to us, each surgeon's admin team have a system in place for this.

If your surgery is time sensitive then we will contact you once we have further information about potential dates for surgery, you can rest assured as soon as we have the potential date we will let you know as soon as possible as you may be required to perform further tests prior to the surgery including COVID testing. 

If your surgery date falls outside of current alert level 4 dates then you can await our next update once Level 3 has been confirmed. We are not aware of those lists being affected currently.

As your surgeons ensuring that your operation will happen as soon as can safely be performed is our priority. As a large group practice with access to a number of different private hospitals this allows us to have space to perform surgery in a timely manner.

If after reading this you have further questions the best way to contact us is to email your surgeon's Secretary email address provided (or - we will get back to you within 24 hours

Click here for the latest NZ Government information about Covid-19. 

Thank you for your patience during this time


We appreciate your feedback and if there is anything that we can do to help or improve your care then please let us know.


Extra information:

If you are wondering if your condition falls into the time sensitive category here is what the criteria has been based off:

Each private hospital provides updated advice on their websites which is very helpful:



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